Best place to buy Hand Smocked Dresses for Girls and Boys

Hand-smocked dresses are loved dearly by people because of their intricate design and delicate hand embroidery. However, the amount of hard work and precision put into creating a single hand smocked dress piece with care consumes a lot of time and effort of our dedicated designers, bringing the most precious and adorable clothing for your girls and boys to the market. 

As a parent, when you’re looking for Hand smocked dresses for your sweet little girls and boys, we know that you desire only the best designs and comfortable clothing for your kids that brings out their cutesy charms. That's is why we here at Vintage Voyage give our all to producing the most innovative and unique designs with high-quality materials.

The Best Place to Buy Hand Smocked Dresses: 

We here at Vintage Voyage tend to focus on paramount to minor details and create only the best Hand Smocked dresses for your kids. That’s why Vintage Voyage is the best place to buy hand-smocked dresses for girls and boys.

Our team of designers never compromise on the quality and only uses the most delicate fabric to craft hand-smocked dresses. So, why would you look anywhere else to buy hand-smocked dresses for girls and boys when Vintage Voyage is the best place in the entire UK that delivers not only high-quality clothes but also offers the best online shopping services? 

Well, there isn’t a single compelling reason as to why you should not give Vintage Voyage a chance when we are the best place to offer everything you desire. That’s why we urge you to come to us if you want your girls and boys to outshine the others by their adorable appearance and playfulness. 

Our Hand-Smocked Design Collection: 

Hand smocking requires a high level of skill that our team of dedicated designers has achieved through remarkable hard work and effort. We take pride in our team of designers who are undoubtedly talented and put their sincere feelings into the craft. 

Therefore, our designer clothes successfully capture the essence of the vintage style by bringing back the traditional British fashion amalgamated with modern trends. Our Hand smocked collection is made of high-quality fabric and embellishments with intricate embroidery. By combining such styles and techniques, we bring you the most exquisite Hand smocked clothes that remind you of royalty and eminence. Your little girls and boys are bound to shine bright and win hearts with their charming styles in Vintage Voyage’s clothes. 

Our Hand smocked designs for girls include: 

  • DULCIE Hand Smocked Dress Set (a cotton dress with classic romantic design presenting the lavender and ivory ditsy floral print and delicate embroidery) 
  • CLARISSA Powder Pink Hand-Smoked Pyjama Set (a breathable silk/satin dress that is soft and comfortable with hand-smocked chest and puff sleeves) 
  • CARYS Blue Silk Hand-Smocked Pyjama Set (a soft silk/cotton combination to provide comfort to the skin with elegantly embroidered chest and sleeves) 
  • DAWN Champagne Pink Hand Smocked Silk/Satin Dress (a silk/satin party dress with a luxurious design) 
  • MARIA Hand Smocked Ivory Silk/Satin Dress (a silk/satin ivory party dress with pink and blue embroidery on the chest, frilled peter pan collars, and puffed sleeves) 
  • Poppy Champagne Silk/Satin Hand Smocked Dress Set (a dress made with delicate embroidery and puffed cap sleeves making it perfect for special occasions) 
  • Vintage Voyage "Natalie" Silk Hand Smocked Dress Set (Ivory silk/satin dress perfect for special occasions with unique hand embroidery and puffed sleeves) 
  • JENNY BABY Hand Smocked Floral Dress Set (a fully cotton lined dress with classic luxury hand smocking finished with intricately embroidered flowers and delicate green leaves) 
  • Vintage Voyage "Almeria" Navy Blue Hand Smocked Dress (a dress made of 100% midweight cotton with breathtaking hand smocking on the bodice and embroidered collar)

You can check out the rest of our hand-smocked collection under the “girls section,” whereas the boys’ collection will be updated soon, so stay tuned. 

We Build Trust: 

We build trust with our customers and make sure that our communication remains intact with each other. Our customer service team works hard at resolving your issues and gets back to you with quick solutions. Vintage Voyage hopes that it can build a long-lasting relationship with you, too, just like our previous consumers.