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Vintage Voyage is the name of tradition, history, and art all in one. It is an apparel company trying to spread a little bit of love and comfort with its carefully crafted dress for toddlers. Vintage Voyage is the name of ultimate quality that brings only the top-notch products to its customers every day.
Our exquisite designs, floral motifs, and intricate embroidery details are unmatchable and incomparable to any other toddler wear brand. Your toddlers will indeed look dreamy in our fairytale and out-of-the-world attires in timeless colors. 
Vintage Voyage is a British Children’s Apparel Company. For over 12 years we have been creating vintage style childrenswear and are best known for our quality and beauty, traditional craftsmanship including hand embroidery, hand smocking, and pintucks with lots of lace trim.
Vintage Voyage website covers a wide spectrum of timeless designs including hand smocked dresses and outfits for little girls, buster suits, and rompers for your boys.Our collections are designed with the intention of creating heirloom pieces to cherish and pass down from generation to generation.
V&V offers a full children boutique online for all occasions, including Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, and Special Occasions.
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What makes us different from other apparel companies? 

As a dress manufacturing company, vintage Voyage pays close attention to the detailing and the techniques used in stitching and cutting out the dress. One peculiar thing about Vintage Voyage is that our dresses are inspired by the centuries-old legacy of dressmaking and designing. We recognize the sophistication in the good old techniques of designing and use them to make our dresses for toddlers. 

Another important detail about our company is that we don’t neglect the importance of sophistication in toddler’s clothes. Unlike other companies that don’t pay attention to such detail because these are toddler’s clothes, we don’t do that same. Each dress is crafted with great attention and possesses detailing and sophistication, just like the adult dresses. These values mark us as the company that has brought upon new dawn in dressmaking for toddlers.  

Handmade Dress for your Toddler! 

Vintage Voyage, as an apparel company, has a long-standing tradition is making toddlers wear by hand. It is our company’s culture not to use synthetic material and industrial machinery to manufacture the clothes in bulk amount. 

Each of our articles is handmade with love! It is because we believe that industrial stitching takes away the soul of any clothing item. Moreover, we believe in reviving the old methods of stitching and bringing the olden tradition back into the toddler's clothing. Thus, each of our dresses is cut and handmade to ensure quality and the long-standing tradition of dressmaking by hands. 

Locally Produced with love

Our dresses smell of great love and comfort. We only use quality fabric for the making of our dresses. All the fabric that we use is produced locally on the farms. Excellent supervision at each step of the production ensures the overall quality of the fabric. We make sure all the farms the cotton is imported from farms that follow the GMPs to ensure the top product quality. Our toddler’s dresses are made in the UK for the UK!
Please take a look at our catalog and know more details about our dresses and techniques used! 

Meticulously Designed with Precision.

Vintage Voyage is the name of quality that is all about meticulously stitching. Even though all our articles are handmade, we make sure that all the designs are precise. In addition to that, our dresses do not deflect from the preset size charts. It ensures overall harmony and accuracy in the stitching and cutting techniques of all the dresses. 

Pastel colors, Detailing, and Smooth cut 

Colour is often one of the most neglected components when it comes to makes articles for babies. Unlike most mainstream companies, we pay close attention to that as well. We bring you a soft yet glam collection of an eye-catching range of pastel colors. In addition to that, we also have gender-specific colors and hues of blues and pinks. Detailing and smoothness in our dresses are the most sought-after features. The stitching techniques that we use to make our dressing include pleating, Smocking, flares, ribbon details, and much more! 

Complete range of Dresses, Tops, and Bottoms  

We offer everything you are looking for to dress up your toddler in. We have got frocks, rompers, dresses, pants, trousers, shirts and much more! You can go for the paired articles set of top and bottom or buy single pieces, like shirts and tops. In addition to that, we also make onesies and romper dressed for your tiny humans. 
Dress up your cute babies in the royal and regal dress you have always dreamed about!

Best Selling kid’s brand in the UK! 

We don’t possess years in the UK clothing market, but we have managed to make our mark as the bestselling brand in the country with our uniqueness and peculiarity. Our techniques and stitch pieces are comprehensive in demand by new parents as well as toddler’s parents. Each new variety and collection sells out quickly. In addition to that, we make sure our customers get to avail best offers and discounts. Hence, the company religiously announces seasonal and flash sales. 
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Astounding Customer Services 

In the fast-moving world where help and services are almost too urgent, we provide a thorough service to our prestigious customer base. Whether you have a dress-related query or a delivery-related query, we will surely get back to you and solve everything in due time. Especially in a pandemic where businesses are closed and everything is happening online, we provide quick service on our website. Our support team work round the clock to take care of queries and all the issues of our customers on time. 

Fast Track and Secure Shipping 

With a vintage voyage, you will not have to worry about delays in shipping and delivery. We will get you the item you need at your doorstep as swiftly as possible. We deliver across the UK with our delivery partner, and all shipments are sealed and secured correctly to avoid damage during delivery. 

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We design classic luxury childrenswear & are best known for our quality and style, traditional craftsmanship including hand embroidery, hand smocked & use of fine soft fabrics.

We design classic luxury childrenswear & are best known for our quality and style, traditional craftsmanship including hand embroidery, hand smocked & use of fine soft fabrics.
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