Five Fashion Tips for Young Girls

Being in the Young Girls hand smocked clothing business for almost 12 years now, one can say that we do have got an expert opinion on the matter now. According to our rockstar tailoring experts here at Vintage Voyage, these are the five fashion tips that must be kept in mind while selecting dresses for young girls,

Always go with the breathable fabric

One thing people need to understand is the fact that girls within this age group have different clothing likes and dislikes than teenagers. But mostly at this age level, most of the girls prefer to wear dresses with breathable fabric. A piece of breathable fabric is a lightweight fabric that allows maximum air to pass through it, creating a whole new kind of comfy feeling for the one who’s wearing it. Moreover, the breathable fabric is also relatively easy to carry and wash, making it an excellent choice for hot summer days.

Prefer more light colors

Colour selection does play a vital role in calculating the overall impact of the dress on the body. Think about this, we all know black color is an excellent absorber of white light. So, wearing a black-colored dress during hot summer days is undoubtedly a recipe for a long day full of sweat and irritation. And based on the UK climate, going with lighter and cooler seems to be a good choice than experimenting with rather dark or multiple-colored dresses.

Go with beautiful printing designs

Going with multiple beautifully printed design dresses is an excellent choice for girls of this age group. This is the same age group when most of the girls are introduced to the magic of Disney. That’s why the level of liveliness is at its peak for most girls in this age group. Hence, always try to choose dresses with beautiful sceneries, floral patterns, or cute little animal imprints.

Never forget the magic of Peter Pan

Yes, you read it right. Even though Peter Pan is a boy who loves to spread positivity and magic wherever he goes, the Peter Pan clothing pattern and design is quite famous among young girls of the UK mainly. For example, the Peter Pan collar is by far the most common type of collar design used in girls' clothing designs we get to see every day here in the UK.

The art of hand smocking

What’s more impressive about hand smocking is that it was introduced as a peasant clothing design for girls, which later rose to heights of popularity from the 1500s onwards. Today, most of the children's clothing brands here in the UK are focusing more and more on introducing new and improved hand-smocked designs that can be used with any modern-day dress, especially for young girls. That’s why going with dresses with a touch of hand-smocking included is going to be an excellent choice for your beautiful princess.