Why are Hand Smocked Dresses Gaining Popularity In 2021?

In recent years, fashion trends across the globe have changed quite drastically, especially here in the UK. Based on popularity trends going on with our catalog here at Vintage Voyage, there's quite a trend that we are observing among our UK-based clients. 

Instead of going with the new and more glamourous children's clothing designs, people will choose an option that's opposite to it. Instead of opting for these trends, people prefer hand smocked designs for their young ones under newborn-10-year-olds.

But what are hand smocked designs exactly? Well, hand smocked dresses include dresses that include hand smocked designs embedded in modern-day outfits. Let's say a perfect example of a hand-smocked design will be a beautiful girl dress with hand-smocked designs embedded in the neck, arms, and outline region of the outfit. 

But what's more interesting is that hand smocking isn't strictly confined to girl clothing alone. Hand smocking among boy clothing is also getting back its popularity quite successfully. 

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The history of Hand Smocking in the UK

The history of hand smocking has got roots back in an era that has been only described in fairy tales. Practically, the first-ever hand smocked design in the UK was introduced back in the Middle Ages.

Back then, it was more of a peasant's clothing design. However, gradually people started to understand what exactly hand smocking is and what's its importance. That's why, around from the 1500s up to the golden Victorian age of the UK, hand smocking got its reputation as the national clothing design of the British Empire.

How is hand smocking done?

As the name already explains itself, hand smocking is more like a technique of smocking cloth together by hand. The cloth selected for this purpose is exceptionally lightweight with more of a web-like appearance.

That's why hand smocking is used for designing multiple designs and outlines rather than designing a complete outfit by just using hand smocking techniques. That's why hand smocking designs can easily get mixed up with any modern trend or design, especially in children's clothing which requires new design ideas quite often in the UK.

Why hand smocked dresses preferred?

There are specific reasons why hand smocked designs are gaining popularity back in the 2021 UK, especially among children's clothing ranges. But according to our expert tailoring geniuses here at Vintage Voyage, the main reason behind this spike is pretty straightforward.

Comfort. In children's clothing designs, comfort is a factor that is kept on a priority position at all costs. This is because children quickly get annoyed or irritated if someone is not suitable for their dress. That's why hand smocking is getting back in the UK children's market with all its comfort and grace. Check out our fantastic collection of great hand-smocked clothing range for children here.