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Vintage Voyage brings you the good old royalty fashion inspire collection for your toddlers. Reviving the centuries-old traditions for embroidery and stitching techniques, Vintage Voyage aspires to give toddler’s fashion a new meaning. With our hand-smocked designs, you get to dress up your toddlers just like royals do. 

Shop at Vintage Voyage for quality, royalty, chic dresses, and much more! Fashion is no longer for adults only. Step up the game of dressing up your toddlers like never before. 

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The stylish Smocked Busters and Shorties for your Baby Boy 

Who does not love dressing up their toddlers in cute little stylish outfits? We bring you a massive collection of designer outfits to make your toddlers look cuter like never before. All our outfits are crafted keeping in mind the traditional art of stitching and designing. Your little human will indeed look like a tiny little prince of a wealthy kingdom in our vintage collection of clothes. 

One of our clothing categories uses the smocking technique. We make busters, shorties, and many similar outfits using stitching designs. 

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Enjoy the Grace of Smocking

Smocking has long been used as a fabric stitching technique. Its origin dates back to the middle ages. Before elastic clothe was a thing, smocking was used to add volume so the fabric can stretch. Vintage Voyage, a company that loves Vintage at heart, rebirths the same design in its toddler wear. Smock adds grace and a touch of elegance even to the toddler’s outfit and makes them look fun, chic, funky. 

Our outfits use the smocking technique in the tops as wells as the bottoms of the outfits.

Quality is our Trademark! 

Tiny humans are very particular about the comfort and coziness of their dresses. Fashion is not their priority, and all they want is to nap without discomfort. To make sure parents get the edge of fashionable toddler clothing and tiny humans get the comfort, we never compromise on the quality of our clothes. 

Each cloth is a craft with love for more incredible softness and comfort. It will not irritate the skin or cause rash. The bonus feature is that you will get the hand smocked designs widely loved and enjoyed by parents. 

Our hand Smocked collection

Our hand smocked collection contains four gorgeous articles. They are designed and inspired by British royal baby fashion. We choose earthly colors for the boy to complement their long socks and boots. Moreover, smocking at the hem of the suit or on shirts adds to the grace of the designs. With a baby collar and intricate embroidery details, our articles become the epitome of grace and style. Renew the good old style with us and bring them back in fashion. 

Our articles are available in several sizes that are made to fit the height of any age of a toddler. 

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